Thursday, November 15, 2012

We Are At It Again!!


Unfortunately due to my being ill, this year I couldn't go whole hog into a holiday project but we do of course need to have SOMETHING special going on :)

How about handwritten letters from Santa?

If you have or know a little one who would simply fall over if they got a special letter in the mail listen up!

We are offering to mail your little person (or even big person who just needs a holiday hug) a letter from Santa (or any other holiday figure, just let us know!). Letters will be handwritten on Christmas stationary and completely personalized!

Do they...

Love Batman?
Get scared of the dark?
Want to be a Doctor?
Get good grades?

We will include it!

Interested? Just shoot us a message!

Best part? This is free! Our gift to you for supporting us!

Tell your friends and lets get these letters flying!

*requests must be made before December 1st so we can get them out in time.

*The provided address for the letter will not be used for anything other than these letters.

*multiple kids? No problem! Each child will get their own letter in the envelope!

Happy Holidays from

The 5 Dollar Project.

P.S. This is worldwide. No one is left out! Got a far away niece or grandson? We got it covered!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Pennies From Heaven

April 16th my beautiful friend Melissa turns 31. You might know Melissa from our event 50 Teens 4 Christmas or FoodLove or her street ministry or her amazing cakes or or or one of the other amazing things she does for our community.

We want your help to celebrate her awesomeness so I'm introducing "PENNIES FROM HEAVEN".

With the budget announcement that our old friend the penny is about to become obsolete I think we need to say goodbye in style. 5 Dollar Project style.

Our goal is to collect one penny for every day Melissa has been on this planet and one penny for every day FoodLove has been in existence.

To save you the math headache, that is 12,195 pennies or $121.95.

In true 5 Dollar fashion, it's not a lot of money. We know though that Melissa can turn every penny into something worth a fortune.

So here we go, to donate you can do one of the following -

Find me, hand me pennies. Easy right?

Donate via PayPal or email money transfer to

Donate directly to Melissa
Via PayPal:
Via email money transfer:
(make sure if you donate directly to Melissa you let us know so we can update the tally!)

This is a great project for kids especially since even 1 of their precious pennies will go a long way. Philanthropy isn't about how much you donate, but why.

For more information about FoodLove visit!

If your group or school wants to be involved I would love to come talk to them about how pennies change lives. Or if your business or group wants a Pennies From Heaven jar please contact me!