Be A Smile Sponsor

People have been asking me how they can help The 5 Dollar Project, ideally you can go out and spread some smiles and send us the pictures! If that isn't your cup of tea, we can do it for you (but we'd love to have you out there instead!).

Before you donate please be aware of a few things -

1. We are not a charity! In fact, we, is me, Jodi Sonoda, pounding pavement to make people smile.

2. You will not get a tax receipt. Again, we are not a charity.

3. Any money that comes in will go towards making smiles happen, this may include gas for the Smile Van but nothing else other then the gifts.

4. If you donate and I run in to you on the street, I will hug you, just sayin'.

All that said, if you want to help spread smiles and donate click the donate button below! We also accept email money transfers to our main email, with an email money transfer 100% of your donation goes to spreading smiles. There are no fees for us to pay!

We also know that donating to a (currently) un-registered non-profit isn't everyone's cup of tea so we went on a hunt and we found a charity where 5 dollars will tangibly change someones life! With the United Nations World Food Programme 5 dollars will buy a woman in Sri Lanka a stove to cook for her family! Without these stoves the women must travel through mine fields to gather fire wood to cook with. Not only will 5 dollars give them a stove but it also gives them a job, the stoves are made locally in Sri Lanka!

We here at the 5 Dollar Project have joined forces with the UN World Food Programme giving you the option to donate to to them. If you think 5 dollars makes someone smile here, imagine if your 5 dollars saved a life! With the generous donations we receive here at the 5 Dollar Project we will also be supporting this amazing cause.

When donating please choose the option making it an honorary donation on behalf of the 5 Dollar Project ( so we can let people know what great things the 5 Dollar Project is up to!