How Do I Get Involved?

The 5 Dollar Project's goal is to spread random happy, not be complicated.

Start by picking up a treat or 5 dollar gift card to a place where 5 dollars is still worth something (cafes, coffee joints, fast food, anything!). Find a stranger, learn something about them (their job, their favourite colour, what size shoe they wear - ANYTHING) and give them the gift. Take a picture with them if you can and encourage them to pay it forward. Send the picture with your names and city to us at

There are only 2 conditions attached to the 5 Dollar Project -

1.Be in the pictures! We want to see you too! If you really don't want to be in the picture, hold up the gift card in front of your face or a sign that says "The 5 Dollar Project"

2. Let them know how they can participate and ask them that if they do pass the happy along to send us their picture too!

So come on - Let's spread around some random happy :D

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