Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Rough Starts

So like every venture, The 5 Dollar Project hit some rough patches getting started but not to worry! I worked around it!

After awhile pounding pavement attempting to give away gift cards, I was getting discouraged. People are so closed off and suspicious of things, makes me sad really. The number of "I'm in a hurry", "Not interested" and "No hablas anglais"'s I got was a little concerning quite frankly.

Sweaty, tired, discouraged, I went to my happy place - Twitter. I realised I needed a new approach, a new direction, an easier start. I tweeted asking who was at work at a small business in the Waterloo region, got 4 businesses and the number of employees they had and hit the nearest Tim Hortons.

This week is Smile Cookie week at Tim Hortons donates all the money from the sales of their smile cookies to a local charity, in our case, kidsability. Roughly 50 smile cookies later I was on my way to #SpreadSmiles.

First stop? Community Justice Initiatives and my buddy Jason, then I was off to see Matt at Carbon Computing, Annie at Gibsons Sound and Vision and Lise Anne at Eyelight Inc.

Matt even managed to help me give out my FIRST gift card to one of his customers!

Watch for the pictures!



  1. I have the same problem with FoodLove, people just can't believe that you want to give them something for NOTHING. The more awesome people there are doing nice things will help the entire world become more trusting!

  2. Jodi,
    I have some thoughts for you....we should have a coffee/tea some time!

  3. Sounds awesome Mike... You know where to find me :)

  4. I understand people's guardedness when it comes to being offered something for "nothing". I think most of it comes from the way businesses have become more sneaky in their sales strategies. I know that a few months ago at Zehrs I was encountered by a gentleman who offered me a gift card. I asked if there were strings attached, and yep - the gift card was contingent on signing up for the store credit card.

    This movement, once it takes hold - could possibly start to challenge people's perceptions re: there doesn't *always* have to be a catch.

    Keep on shining.