Monday, September 26, 2011

Thank You!

My running around like a crazy person has been an absolute dream come true! Making people smile might be the MOST fun you can have legally. It's thanks to you guys that I can keep doing it.

Let's be honest, I am poor. Like ridiculously poor. I couldn't afford to do this to the magnitude I am without you guys behind me. The donations we receive make this possible. YOU are the smile spreaders! YOU are the ones who believe in the 5 Dollar Project! YOU! I am just a gateway, this is your party.

Donations arn't just monetary. We have had help with graphics, webpages, brain storms and I can't wait to tell you about all of them!

Today I want to take a moment and recognize a few people who have made monetary donations to the 5 Dollar Project. I can't wait to show you what your money can and will do!

Bre Creative is our newest Super Smile Sponsor!

Our Newest Smile Sponsors:

James Harris

Pam Salisbury

Remember You can make your donations on our Be A Smile Sponsor page through PayPal or With Interact Email Money Transfers from your banking institution to

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