Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Help Me - Get Rewarded!

So, we're not really a giveaway blog... Well we are a giveaway blog but were not a contest blog. You all know what I mean. That being said... here's a contest with a giveaway!

I hope you have all been reading up on #50Teens4Christmas, and if you have been you know our draw prizes are going up every day. Well we need your help getting people over to donate and get their names in to the giveaway.

So here is the deal!

I spent the weekend at the Ah-Mazing Blissdom Canada conference in Toronto Ontario and one of the amazing sponsors was Fisher Price. They spoiled the ba-jebus out of us. Including the coolest COOLEST thing for any techy parent out there!

The Apptivity Case for iPhones and iPods blew my mind. Open back, insert iDevice, close back and BOOM... No drool, dropping, button pressing damage. This thing is genius! It says 6 months and up... My 3yo thinks it rocks. She is constantly losing my ipod and it makes me bananas! Can't lose it now! And if your kid is older like mine, put the ipod in upside-down and they can hit the home button to change games on their own.

Well, I *may* have somehow ended up with a spare one (thanks Marci!) and I would like you to have it. So here's how it's going down!

2 options:

1 - Tweet using the hashtag #DonateToWin and the link http://tinyurl.com/69orlss about our giveaway

2 - Post below about how you're going to help promote our fundraiser in a creative way

You will get one entry for each entry! You can tweet up to 5 times, so total you can have 6 entries!

Since this prize happens to be in my hot little hands... This is open WORLDWIDE!

Winner will be chosen randomly on the same day as our early bird draw! November 1st!

So... Get promoting!!

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