Sunday, October 2, 2011


Seems I've gotten behind updating all of you lately but with good reason! We've been SO busy out spreading smiles and gathering awesomeness!

Maybe you noticed our new logo? The fabulous Lindsey Jacobs of designed our beautiful new logo and we can't thank her enough!!

We also can't thank our sponsors enough! Thanks to our newest generous sponsors we will be doing our first large scale "card bombing"... 50, 5 dollar gift cards in an hour is our goal! I will be announcing the date and location very soon!!

Big thanks to

Jeff Pulver


The SoConnected Team

We have also been talking to a very reputable charity about allowing people to donate 5 dollars on behalf of The 5 Dollar Project to provide stoves to women in Sri Lanka. 5 dollars will actually buy a family a stove. Proof 5 dollars can change the world! Watch for more info coming super soon!

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